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Three (3) outstanding NYSC Corps members were given permanent employment in 2012. Two (2) Outstanding NYSC Corps members were given permanent employment in 2013.

Fifty (50) Administrative Officers were offered employment in 2013.

One Hundred and Ten (110) Education Officers were appointed in 2013.

Twenty-Four (24) Social Welfare Officers were appointed in 2013.

Six (6) Higher Executive Officers (Audit) were appointed in 2013.

Ten (10) State Counsels were appointed in 2013.

Thirty-Five (35) Technical Instructors were appointed in 2013.

Four (4) Higher Executive Officers (General Duties) were appointed in 2014.

One (1) Scientific Officer was appointed in 2015.

One (1) Medical Laboratory Scientist was appointed in 2016.

One (1) Cultural Officer was appointed in 2016.


Year 2010:   A total of Seven Hundred and Ninety-Two (792) officers on GL. 07 – 17 got their promotion.

Year 2011:    About One Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty-One (1,131) officers on GL.07 – 17 obtained their promotion.


Year 2011:   A total of One Hundred and Nineteen (119) officers were converted to various cadres.

Year 2012:   A total of Three Hundred and Five (305) serving officers were granted approval by the Commission to convert/transfer to different cadres in line with their qualifications.

Year 2013:   A total of One Hundred and Seventy-Six (176) officers were converted.

Year 2014:   Two Hundred and Thirty-Four (234) officers were converted into various cadres where their qualifications were found relevant.


With a view to sanitise the system and institionalize discipline and moral rectitude over Five Hundred and Fifteen (515) officers who were found guilty of possession of fake/forged academic certificates were relieved of their posts in the Service.  Other forms of punishments were meted to other officers for various forms of misconduct and acts of indiscipline.