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Ministry of Establishment and Training

The Ministry of Establishment and Training has been in existence for 59 years, it was created in 1954 and curently has a staff stregnth of 145. The ministry is responsible for the appointment of junior staff,organizing workshop/seminars for public officers and payment of gratuities to all retirees. Also the ministry is in charge of promotion of centrally deployed cadre, discipline, transfer and welfare of all cadre of officers in the State as well as labour and institution relations.

 Our Vision

To be the source of contact in the areas of efficient and effective establishments procedure and training per excellence.

 Our Mission

To improve on the existing procedure through the introduction of the tenets of modern organization toward achieving efficiency and increased productivity in the entire public service.

Our Objectives

  • To promote job satisfaction, efficiency and industrial harmony within the Civil Service.
  • To ascertain and co-ordinate the personnel needs of the various Ministries/Departments.
  • To ensure correct interpretation and enforcement of Government policies on the grading of posts and condition of service for the various categories of staff in the state Civil Service.
  • To improve the efficiency of officers in the State Public Service through regular Staff Development programmes and their development in accordance with needs and qualifications.
  • To ensure that officers who leave the service under pensionable circumstance continue to be rewarded for their past services through the prompt payment of their benefits.
  • To effect periodical review of the grading of post in all sectors of the Public Service of the State in order to ensure equity and consistency of treatment in matter of remuneration.
  • To assist in the development and installation of new administration procedure required as a result of government result-oriented management philosophy.