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Ministry Of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development

Our Vision

By the year 2015, Agriculture in Oyo State would have been Restored, Transformed and Repositioned as the foremost industry that positively drives the State Economy, provides food security and a sustainable platform for wealth creation for the people.

Our Mission

To provide food security and wealth for the people by creating an enabling environment that ensures the empowerment of all Stakeholders with modern Agric information and technologies for maximum effectiveness and efficiency Agriculture.

Our Objectives

The Ministry has the following objectives to achieve its lofty goals:

  • To advise the Government in the formulation of policies that can transform farming activities including; agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries;
  • To provide enabling environment to turn agriculture to economically viable venture in the State;
  • To raise agricultural production from subsistence level to commercial level, through the application of modern technologies, taking cognizance of small holders with the participation of private sector;
  • To provide extension support services for farmers for improved Agricultural Production;
  • To create enabling environment for farmers to have easy access to Agricultural Machinery and inputs such as Tractors, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Seeds, Seedlings;
  • To promote Agricultural Investment Opportunities of the State as a means of job creation and poverty alleviation;
  • To strengthen and improve rural institutions, i.e. Farm Estates, Co-operatives, Unions Associations e.t.c. with a view to accelerating the tempo of Agricultural development;
  • To mobilize the Youth for mass production by providing rural infrastructure – Farm Estates, Roads, Water, Electricity, Recreation Facilities e.t.c. that could engender their interest in Agriculture and Youth Agricultural Empowerment Programmes; and
  • To ensure reduction of post harvest losses from 30% to 20% and ensure minimum guaranteed price for farmers.