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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

About the Ministry

The Law that established the Ministry of Education was enacted on 14th April, 1955. In February, 2016, the Ministry metamorphosed to Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


To develop an education sector that is all inclusive, with a view to achieve  technological and economic break-through with strong financing and physical resources and well trained personnel in order to achieve sustainability, self actualization, moral uprightness and an egalitarian society whose hallmark is progressive and rapid growth.


To achieve free and qualitative education and address the key challenges in the Sector so much that no child is left behind in the acquisition of entrepreneurship skills


The objectives of the Ministry are to:

  • advise the government on development of education policy
  • ensure successful implementation of Government Policies on education
  • total eradication of illiteracy from the State through formal and non-formal education
  • make equal education opportunity for all a possibility and reality
  • ensure sufficient component teachers in all subjects to meet the educational needs in State.
  • diversify and improve the quality of Education in line with the provisions of the National Policy on Education
  • issue guidelines on Higher and Special Education Programmes of Government in accordance with stated Policy objectives
  • pay particular attention to the development of Science, Mathematics and Technical Education with a view to accelerating the industrial and technological advancement of the state
  • liaise with the Federal Ministry of Education and other Stakeholders as may be directed by the State Government in all matters concerning education.
  • promote Science and Technology research for Socio-economic development, job generation and wealth creations
  • Training and Re-training of relevant stakeholders in the education, science and technology sector
  • Restructure its pedagogical mechanism in order to Improve teaching and learning in our schools in the State
  • Re-invigorate the healthy status of our children with the provision of healthy participation in sporting Activities and other competitions
  • Coordinate for effective utilization of the assistance from both local and foreign development partners with a view to institutionalizing the principle of Public Private Partnership