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Ministry of Environment and Water Resources

Our Mission

To restore and transform the ministry for optimal utilization of its human and material resources for effective flood control, waste management, pollution control, green revolution culminating in hygienic, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our Vision 

Ensure sustainable development of the environment with emphasis on Environmental Sanitation and Aesthetically Pleasing Environment.

Our Objectives

  • Be responsible for formulation, enforcing and coordinating policies, statutory rules and regulation on Solid Waste collection and disposal, general environmental protection, flood control and regulation of the ecological system and all activities related therein, throughout the State:
  • Conduct public enlightenment campaigns and disseminate vital information on environmental and ecological matters, and to mobilize the inhabitants of all area for effective observance of environmental rules and guidelines, for purpose of healthy and safe environment;
  • Render advisory services and support to all Local Government in the State in areas of Flood Control, Solid Waste Management, Ecological and Sanitation Matters;
  • Preparation of annual State of the Environment report for the State and transmit same to the Secretariat of the National Council on Environment;
  • Monitor sources of toxic pollutants in air, land and water and offering of necessary advice to industrial establishments;
  • Initiate measure to ensure pollution-free air, land, water throughout the State including any other steps to obviate, mitigate or eliminates environmental discomfort to individuals or groups or danger to lives and properties;
  • Ensure that the lawns and the surroundings of the departmental offices in Secretariat precincts are kept tidy and well trimmed;
  • Study, investigate, advice and recommend any all matters pertaining to beautification and citizens’ participation relating of same to the Government;
  • Obtain research findings from the relevant Federal and State Agencies for the purpose of policy formulation and dissemination of same on environmental sanitation and beautification to the public in the State;
  • Carry out both administrative supervision and establishment duties with a view to ensuring well-managed finances and administration of the Ministry in line with Government policies.