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Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism

Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism is saddled with the responsibility of disseminating information on Government Policies, Programs and Activities.

Our Vision

To be the number one tool or agent for orientation and re-orientation of the Citizens towards the restoration envisioned by this administration.

Our Mission

To project effectively, the activities of the Oyo state Government using responsive and responsible personnel with best equipment to serve as mirror of the Government to the citizens with the ultimate goal of delivering a well informed and positively oriented populace.

Our Objectives

  • To publicise the day to day activities of the Government by means of various instruments of mass communication and available public relations skills in order to achieve mass awareness and citizens’ participation in public affair.
  • To act as catalyst for change among the people and ensure adequate feedback to Government as regards people’s reactions to Government policies and actions.
  • To project the image of the State Government and its activities through Modern Information and Communication Technology.
  • To play supervisory roles on the activities of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), and the Government Printing Press.