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Departments of the Ministry

Department of Finance and Administration

This is the service department of the ministry. It is in charge of the staff/ personnel affairs and it also function as a link between other directorates.

Department of Cooperative Services

This directorate is the coordinating department for all cooperative society in the state. It is responsible for the Registration, Validation and Monitoring of all cooperative societies in the State. It affairs also coordinate the operation of the Oyo State cooperative College at Oyo.

Department of Trade

Directorate of Trade Services is in charge of all business complexes in the State. Viz:

  • Bola Ige International Business Complex Gbagi
  • Ogbomoso Ultra Modern Market

We are also in charge of business premises registration in the State

Department of Investment Promotion

This directorate is in charge of the State Government Port-folio and also manages the affairs of the State owned company. Viz:

  • Trans Nigeria Motel Jericho.
  • Trans Nigeria Motel Isehin
  • CONPOLE Nigeria
  • Oyo State Paper Mill
  • Cashew Nut Processing Industrial Limited (CANPIL), Eleyele.

We also serve as the desk office for SMEDAL/JICA. One Local Government One Product Intiative.