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Ministry Of Water Resources

Our Vision

To have a society with access to adequate, safe and potable water supply and sanitation through effective and efficient governance apparently evident in Oyo State.

Our Mission

Meet the water supply demands for potable water of people of Oyo State, year round serving a substantial number of people per service point.

Our Objectives

Short Term Goals

  • —Change the old galvanized and asbestos pipes to modern UPVC pipes that can last for between 50 and 75 years around the state.
  • —Overhaul and maintain existing  power generating sets in all the water works state wide.
  • —Activate the distribution network at Osegere Water Plant near Asejire.

Medium Term Goals

  • Install and complete water treatment plants on broken-down dams in order not to let the initial investments waste.
  • Lay pipes appropriately and distribute them to roads that have no water supply.
  • Construction of Mini water works in some satellite towns that are not served with water at all.
  • Establishment of mini treatment plants.
  • Provision of boreholes in communities where it is not too economical to have mini treatment plants.
  • Shift grounds on solely participating in water production and distribution, in order to establish Public/Private participation in water supply.

Long Term Goals

  • Identification of rivers in the state to facilitate irrigation farming.
  • Construction of Dams.
  • Provision of potable water throughout Oyo state all year round.
  • Channelization of major rivers within the state for guided flow and to prevent flooding.