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Ministry Of Women Affairs

Our Vision

To provide an enabling environment where the rights to survival, protection and development of the people, most especially the most vulnerable groups, as well as their empowerment to participate in and benefit from the socio-economic, development processes are enhanced.


Our Mission

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders towards ensuring gender equality and mainstreaming in policy formulation, planning and budgeting process to achieve the rights to survival, protection, development and participation of the vulnerable groups i.e. women, children, aged people, people living with disabilities, the destitute and the less privileged  to achieve MDGs.

Our Objective

    • To ensure full positive participation of women in socio-economic programmes and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women in the State.
    • To provide adequate health care, protection and social rehabilitation and re-integration services for the society’s less privileged persons.
    • To mobilize and encourage community members in the design and execution of self-help projects for community sustenance and advancement in all sectors.
    • To encourage an all round positive participation of all stakeholders in the protection of the Right of the child for quality development.
    • To coordinate and monitor all Poverty eradication activities of the State Government.
    • To initiate and implement schemes that could eradicate or alleviate poverty amongst the citizenry, as well as source for job placement for the unemployed in Industry, Agriculture and Mining.