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Departments Under The Ministry

Highways Department

Its Objectives are:

  • To serve in advisory capacity to Government on transportation infrastructure.
  • To plan, design, construct and manage all state roads.
  • To rehabilitate all damaged or failed roads in the State.
  • To advise Government on how best to achieve and sustain efficient road network in the State.
  • To design, operate and manage traffic system in the State.

Mechanical and Electrical Department

Its Objectives are:

  • To consult for the Government and Ministries on mechanical works.
  • To take Mechanical and Electrical projects from design stage to construction and installation stages.
  • To maintain and renovate mechanical and electrical in Government buildings and equipment.
  • To make sure street lights along the major roads are maintained in the State.

Oyo State Fire Service Department

Its Objectives are:

  • To save and prevent destruction of lives and property.
  • To educate the public on fire disaster prevention and control.
  • To inspect Public Buildings, Factories etc. and enforce compliance with the safety regulations.
  • To render humanitarian services to the public.